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Lusatia Archery Team

Lusatia Archery Team has been established for the past several years. Its members engage in the reliving of the history. Medieval archery is at the center of their interests. In addition to ranking the archers in teams, there is also a group focused on the 16th century historical walks around the city as well as a group building replicas of medieval siege engines.
Effects of their work are impressive. They present different types of equipment to the public: a  catapult, ballista, battering rams and artillery. They bring the most attention to Luban. The Archery Team has been taking an active role in many knight tournaments, productions of historical battles as well as promoting regional events. All of these give a  unique atmosphere to visitors in this area. Keep in mind that they not only participate in foreign initiatives, but also create their own projects. One of them is the Urban Archery Tournament, medieval marches around Luban and bringing to life the city's participation during Bracka Street Festival. In September 2011, the members of the Archery Team showed their true artistry. Their contribution to the preparation and execution of the event was of paramount significance. Their work for the city and region as well as educating the youth is priceless and deserves the highest praise. More information about the Lusatian Archery Team can be found at:

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